Kyoung's Pacific Beat's NERO: Post Production Crowdfunding Campaign

Kyoung's Pacific Beat's NERO: Post Production Crowdfunding Campaign

We invite you to support the World Premiere of NERO, a Shakespearean, five-act "streamplay" theatricalizing the history from George W. Bush's War on Terror to our present day as the rise and fall of Nero's Roman Empire.

NERO's World Premiere was filmed this August in residence at Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. NERO is a hybrid production where KPB worked with a cast and crew primarily comprised of folx of color.

Please help us raise $10,000 for the post-production costs of NERO. Your support will help us create and animate digital backgrounds for our green screen performances, create sound effects and music scoring, and provide accessible versions of NERO including subtitles and oral narration.

Currently, we have over 150 hours of footage that we need to edit down to a 5-part mini-series which will be screened in its entirety, followed by a digital premiere where NERO will be available online. Both NERO's live and digital premiere will be free, so to complete this project, we need your support today.


$500 - 2 VIP Seats to Premiere and an Invitation to an Intimate Gathering with NERO Artists
$250 - 2 VIP Seats to Premiere (2023)
$100 - Movie Poster
$50 - NERO Digital Soundtrack
$10 - Your Name in NERO's End Credits

* If you donate at a higher tier, you will also receive the gifts from the tiers below it!